What Happens When You Speak Words of Affirmation

What Happens When You Speak Words of Affirmation

Affirmations are our mental vitamins, providing the supplementary positive thoughts we need to balance the barrage of negative events and thoughts we experience daily.
Tia Walker

I started my day by saying “I can do this”.

My “this” is something that comes effortlessly for others.  Some of y’all just got it like that!

Not me….

I needed help. A reminder.  A push.

Motherhood makes me feel like a failure. On so many levels.

This particular day my toddler child was being particularly testy. And my normal reaction when situations arise I don’t want to deal with with him, is avoidance.

It doesn’t last long. And it never works.

This particular day, I flashed back to blogalicious weekend when my roomie and I were wrapping up our day and she said “girl go in there take a bath and speak some affirmations over your life”.

Now while I didn’t that day, cause I was knee deep in my rebrand and taking in every child free moment I had. It did make me think that I need to start speaking affirmations over myself and to myself.

So I did.

Those words changed my whole day. And as the day came to a close, all I could do was be thankful for a good day.

What Happens When You Speak Words of Affirmation


It wasn’t that the day was free of situations or foolishness. It was that I handled them like a “G”. (G being for good mom)

After everyone was put down for the night and I sat back and thought over my day, a joyous feeling came over me. Like the one when a toddler stays in motion after the training wheels come off.



So I just shared this story to remind you of the importance of speaking words of affirmation. Putting that good juju in the air.

When you speak greatness. You are and will be greatness.

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So tell me, What do you say to yourself when you need a push?
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7 thoughts on “What Happens When You Speak Words of Affirmation

  1. jehava

    This is so very true. I’ve noticed more than ever the impact my words have on my views and my day. Thanks for sharing this!
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  2. Sophia

    You are so right I have recently begun speaking words of affirmation.


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    All of this is so spot on – affirmation is essential to ANY healthy and growing relationship we have in life. I really like that you took the time to write all this down… not enough positivity like this being spread. Thanks for sharing!



  5. Amanda

    It is amazing how your whole outlook changes when you use words of affirmation for yourself and those around you. This was a great post.
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  6. Ayanna

    This is so good! I always have to remind myself that I have the power to change things with my words. So I’ll have to remember to start my day with positivity and speak it over my day.


  7. Crystal

    This is such a great article, very well written. Being positive can be difficult.


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